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Hello brave adventurer, ready to go on a quest?

What treasures do you seek? Do you have enough inventory slots available? And a bag of gold ready?


A1 Scott Cirakovic Author A2 Mark Kramarzewski - Author A3 Chris Andrews - Author A4 Jason Matheson Author A5 Pete Aldin Author & Andre Jones Author A6 Special Guest Author A7 C S Cooper Author A8 Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild


B1 Heavy Mental Art B2 ZwagZombie B3 Harlem Starlet B4 Beads.By.Chell B5 Raye Sommers Design B6 MadDog Ink B7 MidnightConcepts B8 Larissa Cook


C1 ckmart C2 Tait Rochelle Art C3 Kerri-Anne Anderson C4 Will-O Wicks C5 Claire Baire Art C6 Scribe_less C7 PINSTACHIIO C8 ZAR PINDOM


D1 Xianta and Emmanuel D2 Ty,ily D3 moonfrog27 D4 Huilinarts D5 Bee & Bunny Creations D6 Lucie Mammone - Illustrator D7 CTENSHI D8 EMOTIONAL SUPPORT BUDDY


E1 rayaann E2 Livs Pins E3 Resin by Jazi E4 Pens and Needles E5 spacenerdy E6 Enoki Dragons E7 Amanda Herzman E8 Jess Rose


F1 Capital 3D Printing F2 All The Things We Felt F3 Terrestrial Snail F4 Red Square Gaming F5 Red Square Gaming F6 Escape Tabletop Games F7 PEP29 F8 Tassji_S


T01 Jaelle Jewelry T02 Moesbill Trading Cards T03 Ghastly Ghouls T04 Moorey's Colletables T05 Mrs Terrarium T06 Bookwyrm Emporium T07 The alien Hive T08 Nerdvana T09 Emma Falconer Art T10 Crazy Patches


T11 Jenwren Creations T12 Character Tributes T13 Dangly Doodads T14 Rhiannon Yates Illustrations T15 Collec'Twiins T16 Crazy panda collectables T17 Tenchii Art T18 RavenSpell T19 Goat Wine Games T20 SangzHime & Meduchan T21 TBC


Artists & Traders


join us for D&D one shot adventures at GEEK MARKETS

DMs will guide you through a D&D one shot wonder with up to 5 other players.

Whether you enjoy roleplaying games (in person and online); board games; computer games; cosplay or other associated activities, we have you covered.

With experienced and vetted GMs that provide games in both mainstream (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu etc.) and independent (Numenera, Shadowdark, Dungeon Crawl Classics etc.), you can be assured that all tastes are catered to.

Priority Games Gaming Tournaments

Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed Geek Markets Tournament

Join us for a fun-filled Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament at Geek Markets – show off your advanced constructed deck skills!

This is a tournament with $20 entry fee to be paid at the event. The grand prize is a box of Phantom Nightmare. With each player recieving 2 boosters for participating. This is an Advanced Constructed event that is not Yu-Gi-Oh! officially sanctioned.

Magic the Gathering – Pioneer Tournament

Join us at Geek Markets for a fun Magic the Gathering Pioneer Tournament. 

Entry fee is $20 and to be paid at the event. The grand prize is a box of Karlov Manor play boosters. All players will recieve 2 boosters for participating. This is a standard Pioneer format, no proxies will be permited. Deck list should be available upon request.


Are you ready to showcase your incredible creativity, passion, skill and geek style!? Join us at the Geek Markets Cosplay Contest on Saturday, October 28th, 2023!

Whether you’re a master of cosplay or a newbie with a burning desire to show off your geeky alter ego, this is your chance to shine! Connect with like-minded geeks, make new friends, and channel your favorite characters from comics, movies, TV shows, video games, anime, or any geeky realm you adore!

Hosted by: AusCos Magazine



John Jarratt

About Guest

John Jarratt  is an Australian television film actor, producer and director and TV presenter who rose to fame through his work in the Australian New Wave. He has appeared in a number of film roles including Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975), Summer City (1977), The Odd Angry Shot (1979), We of the Never Never (1982), Next of Kin (1982), and Dark Age (1987). He portrayed the antagonist Mick Taylor in the Wolf Creek franchise. He voiced the protagonist’s father, Jack Hunter, in an audio drama adaptation of The Phoenix Files. He is also known for his recurring role in the drama series McLeod’s Daughters.




About Guest

Tim McEwen is a veteran of Australian comic books and has been making them since the 1980s, most notably co-creating the award-winning and internationally distributed Greener Pastures comics which follow the trials, tribulations, and sometimes the bowel movements of Trevor Bovis – bull-turned-social-activist-turned-sellout-lawyer.

Tim helped establish the Comics Arts Awards of Australia, and is a cartoonist, illustrator, storyboarder, and educator. He received the 2018 Platinum Ledger Award for contributions to the Australian comics scene, and has been nominated three times for the Australian Cartoonists’ Association Stanley Award for Best Comic Book Artist.

Kieran Jack

About Guest

Kieran is a Prolific comic book creator whose passion for storytelling and illustration began when he was a child, who found comic books at early age and inspired him to one day create his own. Prior to fully embracing his comic career, Kieran worked in the graphic design and arts industry.

Currently Kieran is currently working on multiple projects, including more Talking Bread, The Lady of The Swamp and another new horror series coming out in 4th quarter of 2024. And is at the early stages of adapting his first created comic into a cartoon with producers here in Australia.



Louie Joyce

About Guest

Louie Joyce is an award-winning comics creator and illustrator based in Wollongong. His comics include Haphaven (Winner of a 2019 Silver Ledger Award), Past the Last Mountain (Winner of a 2017 Silver Ledger Award) & Astral. His latest comic, A FISTFUL OF PAIN, is a collaboration with Canberra’s very own Ryan K Lindsay!

Louie works with a wide range of clients creating illustrations for storyboards, animation, publishing and concept development. He also teaches creative workshops on comics, storytelling & illustration. When not drawing he’s usually at the skatepark with his kids rolling around on the greatest of all human inventions: Rollerblades!!!

Camillo Di Pietrantonio

About Guest

Camillo is a comic book artist from western Sydney. You can find his work on a number of local and international comic books, with covers on comics published by IDW, Image, Black Caravan and Source Point Press.

His titles include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Last Ronin series, PrimordialDo You Pooh?Canceled, and Cult of Dracula.

Camillo has also done illustration work for Nickelodeon, Pizza Hut, Smash the House Records, and most recently, the Brisbane Broncos.

Ryan K Lindsay

About Guest

Bringing a fist full of pain….and awesomeness, is the award-winning comic book writer Ryan K Lindsay.

One of australia’s favourite comic book teller of tales, spinner of yarns, he has written for numerous publishers and publications like Dark Horse Comics, Black Mask Studios, Vertigo, IDW Publishing, ComixTribe, and also self-publishes on the side. Most of Ryan’s comics sit somewhere in the realms of sci fi/crime, with a focus on the weird to amplify the human elements he’s constantly processing. 

Ryan has partnered with artist Sami Kivela to create: EVERFROST, BEAUTIFUL CANVAS and DEER EDITOR through Black Mask Studios, and CHUM through ComixTribe. He has partnered with artist Eric Zawadzki to create: ETERNAL through Black Mask Studios, and HEADSPACE, [also with Sebastian Piriz], through Monkeybrain Comics/IDW. He again partnered with Sebastian Piriz to create BLACK BEACON through Heavy Metal Magazine. 


About Guest

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound. Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Rui Macarico! Yes, it’s Rui, a strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Rui, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and accomplished artist and designer. 

Rui has worked on In Purgatory, The Apparition and Mark of the Cursed for Halftone Productions, variant covers for Camillo’s Wonderverse, the upcoming Supernatural Ronin, and other Aussie comics, as well as designing pins and merch for commercial customers including the ‘Empire Strips Back’ live show, and continues to fight a neverending battle for truth, justice, and just a really good sandwich.

Marcelo Baez

About Guest

Marcelo works as a professional freelance illustrator and comics artist in Australia and overseas. He is currently the official In the House Event cinema poster artist as well working on a new series The Artist’s Room, featuring some high profile Australian actors.

Also he was the artist for a Marvel Super Heroes Squad book Hulk Saves the DayHe illustrated a post apocalyptic action comic named GISH, a cross-platform project which is being developed with @iscreenacademy into short live action film.

Late last year he illustrated a wrap around cover for the Phantom comics. Recently he has completed a set of official Marvel Avengers interconnected limited edition prints and a newly released Wolverine print set.

His list of clients include international companies such as Marvel, Time Inc, Event Cinemas, Frew publishing, Hardie Grant Egmont, Popular Mechanics US, GQ Australia, Microsoft, Men’s Health, Miami New Times, National Geographic, Scholastic, Dallas Observer, Time Out Singapore, Stone Arch books, Philadelphia magazine and many more.




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